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Jet-X belongs to the most prominent releases from Smartsoft Gaming. It came out in 2019, but the game remains among the top-popular casino titles. Its secret is easy to uncover: online gamblers adore the slot thanks to the following characteristics:

  • It’s easy to play;
  • Minimalistic design;
  • Solid prizes, including progressive jackpots;
  • Extended betting options.

However, is the slot a good choice for everyone? How to play and win in it? What are the most beneficial places to enjoy the slot machine for real money? Finally, is there a JetX mobile app for real-money gaming? Follow this guide to learn all the answers.

Best Online Casino Where to Play Jet-X Game

The JetX bet game can bring a gambler a fantastic prize, but their choice of an online casino may be crucial for their winning odds. All casinos with Smartsoft titles offer the slot under review. However, players can only expect a quality gaming experience and high payouts when they opt for a trusted and well-equipped online casino.

Below are the top platforms offering the Jet-X video slot for real money. These are licensed casinos with diverse payment solutions and fast withdrawals available for desktop and mobile users. Pick any and enjoy one of the most original slot machines of today.

Graphics and Design

Players who prefer complex gameplay slot machines with sophisticated designs might feel disappointed with the JetX game. Here, the core specialty is a modest design with minimum features. The slot’s graphics are simple but do not doubt their quality. This video slot is of the highest class.

As soon as the player launches the slot, they see a jet plane getting ready for a flight in the background of a futuristic airport. Then the aircraft takes off and flies up for a certain time. The higher it moves, the higher coefficient they see next to the jet. This is a multiplier, and it shows how much the player’s bet is multiplied.

How big can a multiplier be? The highest coefficient possible in the crash slot is 25,000x!

Jet-X Game Rules

The JetX betting game rules are extremely simple. The first thing to know is that the game starts when a player launches it. That is, they don’t have much time to place a bet before the take-off. They will only participate in the round if they manage to place their bet before the jet starts. The player can also opt for the auto-bet option so that they don’t miss any session.

While the jet aircraft is flying higher and higher, the multiplier is getting bigger, too. However, sooner or later, there will be a ‘boom’, and the plane will crash. The main goal of the player is to cash out before the crash. So if the player presses the Collect button just in time, they win. Otherwise, their bet is lost.

How Much Can Players Bet in Jet-X?

The slot’s betting menu is placed below the main screen. Here, the player can choose to bet from 10 cents to 600 dollars. This betting range is record-wide when compared with most slot machines and can ideally fit high rollers.

What RTP to Expect?

All slots go with a certain RTP showing how much the house keeps for itself from each bet. As to the JetX betting game, its RTP ranges from 96.7% to 98.85%. Surely, a player should bet on lower multipliers to reach the maximum possible RTP in their sessions.

How to Play JetX?

Gamblers need a personal account with an online casino to start playing JetX for real cash. The first gaming session will require the following steps:

  1. The player chooses a suitable Smartsoft casino.
  2. They sign up on the platform.
  3. They deposit some money in their gaming balance.
  4. They can boost their bankroll with a welcome bonus.
  5. They launch the JetX game video slot.
  6. They indicate their active bet from $0.1 to $600.
  7. They enjoy the game.

Be aware that the slot under review has a demo, and top platforms offer the free-play option to their clients. So, you can try the demo game for free before trying your luck in it for real money.

Auto-Withdraw or Manual Withdraw

A timely cashout plays the most crucial role in Jet-X winnings. For a beginner, a nice option is Auto-Collect. It allows players to preset a certain max multiplier before the round starts. When the jet reaches this multiplier, the payout will be collected automatically.

Manual withdrawals are all about intuition and reaction rate. They open higher winning potential to a player since they can get their jet flying to the stratosphere and beyond, thus bringing a massive multiplier to the player. If they set a prudent auto-cashout limit, they simply cut off a great win.

So, the auto-withdrawal option is a more secure way to enjoy JetX, and it suits newbies the most. Manual withdrawals are riskier but can throw heavy winnings upon a player. This method is more fitting for gamblers who have experienced 20+ bets in the game.

Three Level Jackpot

One more sweet specialty of the slot is that it features a progressive jackpot. While playing JetX, pay attention to the background. There are three stages in the jet’s flight: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. At each stage, a player can hit the jackpot. The higher the stage, the bigger the jackpot is. Mind that jackpots are triggered randomly in the game. Yet, bets of $1 and higher can raise the player’s jackpot chances.

What Is the Best JetX Strategy?

Although there can be plenty of the so-called “JetX betting game predictors”, all of them scarcely merit players’ attention. The reason is that the slot’s outcomes are 100% random. Smartsoft Gaming has supplied its release with a properly certified, reliable RNG that ensures complete randomness. Yet, there are several strategies a player can use to enhance their winning potential. Here are the most popular approaches.

Betting Big on a Low Multiplier & Betting Low on a High Multiplier

In the JetX bet game, the range of accepted stakes is truly wide. So, pros recommend placing higher bets on low multipliers. That is, if a player does not wish to risk and prefers to cash out fast, their stake should be high enough to let them add a significant win to their balance. Higher stakes also raise the chance of hitting the jackpot.

An alternative method is to place small bets on big multipliers. This is a riskier way to enjoy JetX since a longer flight is needed to let the player grab a huge prize. Yet, this technique is workable and can bring fantastic wins.

Play Volatile and Cash out as Soon as Possible

Each session of the JetX betting game unfolds in a different way. So, a player should try to sync with the slot and react fast. The following simple rules can b helpful when using this strategy:

  • Prepare a budget for crash gaming and stay within its limits no matter what.
  • Define a suitable bet.
  • Be reasonable at risking and cash out soon.
  • Remember that the higher the jet is, the more chances it will crash the next moment.

There exist other strategies, for instance, the Martingale strategy. One more idea is to check the crash history of the JetX bet game. A player can view it on the left. Here, they can notice certain tendencies that can help them to predict when higher multipliers tend to occur.

JetX Bet at Mobile App

Mobile gamblers can enjoy the video slot under review on their preferred gadgets. The OS does not matter. The Smartsoft Gaming developer creates mobile-first games, and this one is no exception.

There’s no need to install any JetX mobile app to play the crash slot for real money. A player only needs to pick a reliable casino with a neat mobile website, get registered, and place a deposit. Then, they can play the video slot instantly by simply clicking on it.


Is JetX legit?

The JetX game is created by a legal game studio with numerous licenses. The slot is supplied with a fair RNG attested by independent auditors. So, the game is legit.

How Is the JetX win calculated?

The game’s multiplier defines the prize. When a player succeeds in casing out before the boom, they win the equivalent of their initial bet increased by the multiplier they have at the moment of cashout.

How Are JetX Jackpots played?

The jackpot in the JetX game has three levels. It means a player can hit the jackpot at the Planet, Galaxy, or Space stage of the gaming process. The higher the stage, the larger the jackpot is. There’s no sure way to trigger a jackpot in the slot, but players can raise their chances by placing higher bets.

How to Play JetX

The JetX game does not require special skills. A player only needs to launch the crash slot and place their bet in time – before the jet starts off. As the aircraft ascends, its multiplier grows. However, the jet will crash sooner or later, so the player should cash out before the boom. Then, they win.

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  1. Navigating the vast digital seas of online casino titles, JetX stands out like a beacon, signaling a fusion of familiar thrill and innovative gameplay.
    The game’s digital tableau is a marvel. Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, the interface, replete with sleek visuals and polished graphics, immerses me instantly. Every element, from the ascending aircraft to the interface details, feels meticulously crafted. Pursuant to my experience, at its heart, the jetx casino game is an evolution of the crash play format. I place wagers on an aircraft that takes off with an increasing multiplier. The task? Cash-out before potential engine failure sends it plummeting. It’s an enthralling balance of greed, strategy, and gut instinct. To the untrained eye, JetX might appear as a mere game of chance. But dig deeper, and layers of strategy unfurl. Recognizing patterns, setting calculated cash-out points, and managing stakes all add depth to what might seem a simple ascent on the surface. The game’s allure is undoubtedly magnified by its tantalizing payout structure. The sky’s the limit when it comes to potential multipliers, ensuring that I am on the brink of attracting that elusive big win. Few online casino games can match the sheer adrenaline rush JetX offers.

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