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BeCric aviator can rightfully be considered the most popular game among the users of the platform. The company itself is an online casino for betting on various games and sports. It was founded in 2013 and is legal in India, moreover, BeCric itself is headquartered in India and has a license provided by the Philippines. So there is no doubt in the legality of the bookmaker.

On the platform players can find, in addition to all the well-known aviators, a bunch of different sites for betting. Speaking of well-known games, the company’s services are provided by the most prominent providers on the market, such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and many others. Management is constantly improving all aspects of its platform.

A specialized application has also been developed for the convenience of users, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So players have the opportunity to bet and get good bonuses at Becric aviator anywhere they want.

Features Of The Aviator BeCric Slot Machine

Probably even the most distant from gambling people are familiar with such a game as an aviator. After all, to win something in this game, you do not need to understand slot lines, poker, or any bonus programs. Due to its simplicity, the game has received a wide fanbase. But despite the simple game system, there is not a small amount of money-spinning, because your bet ratio per round can reach 100, and winnings are usually very large. Becric aviator has many exclusive features that keep users in it for a long time. You can also highlight its main pros and cons.

Autocash featureFull unpredictability of the game
Easy gameplay 
The possibility of high odds 
Fast rounds 
Statistics table 

Once you enter aviator, you will see that this game is always capable of surprising you. All users who play it regularly note the unpredictability of the game because the player can enter and in a couple of minutes multiply the deposit at least 10 times. However, the entire gameplay is that the plane is flying up. And of course, the game is loved for its ability to keep every second in suspense, and yet the player always decides when to take his winnings.

BeCric Aviator Download

Download the game aviator you can together with the application BeCric on your mobile device. Since there is no separate aviator application, it is also as on the site presented in the application for Android and iOS.


Downloading the official application BeCric aviator for Android is very simple and fast, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the official website;
  2. Click on the button “download to android”, then will start downloading the apk file to your device;
  3. Before installing the file, go to the security settings of your device;
  4. Check the checkbox to allow installation from unknown sources so that you can install the app;
  5. Then you can install the app and start playing aviator.

You can also install the application by using the QR code on the website, all you have to do is scan it, after which the application will start downloading on your smartphone.


Installing the application on an IOS device is even easier. You just need to go to the site through your PC and scan the QR code in the section “application for IOS”. After you will scan the code you will be automatically redirected to App Store, where you will be able to download and install the application.

BeCric Aviator App

For BeCric users to bet and win money anywhere, the company has developed a mobile app. It is noteworthy that the application is available on both iOS and Android. It immediately catches the eye with the decent transferred functionality of the official site and the simple user interface, which even the player unfamiliar with the official site will quickly understand. Of course, you can find here all the beloved game BeCric aviator, in which completely and without cutting was transferred gameplay on mobile devices. The application contains all the functionality of the site including its support service, which you can contact to solve any problem.

Support service

The world of gambling and betting is very unpredictable in itself, and no matter how reliable the platform is, you should never forget that at any moment you may need professional help. BeCric does not have any problems with this aspect, as the support team has a large staff with many years of experience, who are always ready to help their users. The employees have dealt with absolutely different situations over the years. The support team can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Email;
  • Live chat 24/7;
  • Hotline.

You can easily and without tricks use any of the methods and get professional advice from BeCric about your problem with the platform. The main thing is never to forget about the rules of decency and whatever kind of problem you have always tried, calmly and without insults, competently describe your situation, the service staff will always be able to help you.

Aviator Game Strategy In BeCric Casino

There is no correct and victorious tactic of the game, also do not trust the signals telegram channels on the game, because no one can predict how long the airplane will fly. This is what makes the game fair because when no one knows the outcome of the game, everyone is in equal conditions and with equal chances to win. There are 3 main strategies in BeCric aviator, popular among players. The tactics are as follows:

  • Low-risk strategy. This game tactic is that you should not bet more than 10% of your deposit and take your winnings at odds no higher than 1.5. Since statistically in most cases the plane reaches this height, you stay in winnings in the long run. It is worth paying attention to if you start losing at some point, it is better to skip a couple of rounds and then continue. This tactic requires patience and most importantly being prepared to stay in the game for at least half an hour or more;
  • High-risk Strategy. And this strategy implies that the player expects the maximum odds. The game has a table of statistics and you can pay attention to how long ago the plane overcame the height of 50 and 100 and approximately predict when it will reach such a mark again. This tactic involves a lot of risks, so it is best not to put all the money in one bet at once;
  • Double betting strategy. The aviator game is known to have a double bet feature, which means you can bet two different amounts and pick up two winnings on the same round at different odds. This means you can place two bets to get more benefits from the round. For example, you make one bet for a larger amount, but pick it up at a lower odds and thus already get back the sum of the two bets. And the second makes for a smaller amount, but already waiting for the maximum altitude of the flight. This method is suitable for more experienced players, playing this strategy you certainly get a double benefit.

Using any of these strategies will increase your chances of winning, but still does not guarantee your success.

How To Win Is The BeCric Aviator

Unfortunately, there are no tricks or secret methods of winning at aviator BeCric, the outcome of rounds usually depends only on players’ luck and they cannot be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy. There are only basic rules on how players can save their winnings and not lose their last money. Here are the basic rules to stick to playing aviator successfully:

  • Stay calm and don’t bet rashly. Any kind of gambling can be very addictive, especially a game like an aviator. You can only increase your chances if you evaluate the situation soberly. For example, if you start to be very lucky in aviator BeCric, do not put immediately half of your deposit, increase rates little by little, and then even if you lose, you will not stay in deficit;
  • Don’t start with big bets. One of the most obvious things is to start betting with the minimum. To begin with, you need to win a certain amount of money. When you have a small safety cushion of small bets it is a signal that you can try to increase the amount. This way, you are already thinking in advance about what you are going to do;
  • Stick to one strategy for a certain amount of time. In the game of aviator, there are certain strategies of the game, which experienced players choose for themselves. These strategies depend on your finances and risk appetite. And to start winning anyway, it is advisable to stick to a certain style of playing aviator BeCric. Even if at first you may not lead by one tactic, it is best to continue playing according to it for a while. If you’re constantly changing your betting methodology, you’re likely to only lose money.

All these rules are given only as a recommendation for players who do not want to lose their money, but of course, the aviator is always an unpredictable game and each user determines their style of play.

Player Reviews Of Aviator BeCric

The most important factor when choosing a platform for betting is the reviews of ordinary players. Because no one can convey the impression of the game better than people who have already tried aviator BeCric. It is possible to form a general impression based on the following popular reviews:

  1. “To be honest, I was very skeptical about this kind of game, but I decided to try to play once, and frankly, I did not regret it. Great idea, the fact that with each second of flight, the coefficient grows. The game captivated me from the first minute, spent in the game almost an hour in and left with a nice win, be sure to go again. Very helpful autoplay and auto cash out system, I advise for new players”- Dori.
  2. “I just loved it, was able to increase the deposit almost 7 times. I often play on aviator and never had a big loss, as a rule, everything pays off in subsequent rounds”- Bernardos.
  3. “Special thanks for the quick withdrawal of funds. I managed to win a good amount and needed a quick withdrawal, the company works like clockwork. And the aviator game itself is brilliant in its simplicity, I love to go in sometimes and win some money in it, never left in a bad mood”- Karl.
  4. “Thank you BeCric and the developers for the opportunity to win a good amount, aviator is a great game. Keeps you in suspense all the time and makes you happy with the odds climbing. Several times managed to pick up at good heights”- Someday.

On various sites, you can find a bunch of different reviews, where players are delighted with their winnings in the aviator BeCric.


Is The Promo Code For BeCric?

With all the promo codes and bonuses you can read by going to the official website of the bookmaker, there regularly all players are notified about the most favorable offers.

Is There A Demo Version?

In any slot or game users can easily select the demo mode. This will allow players to try out and explore any game before making any real money.

Is It Possible To Hack Aviator On BeCric?

At the moment, no one has managed to hack the apk file or the iOS version of the game. aviator BeCric, like all other games on the platform, has one of the most robust software.

1 thought on “Play Aviator BeCric”

  1. The Aviator game has taken the world of online gaming by storm, and for good reason. This adrenaline-pumping experience combines skill and chance in a unique way, offering players the opportunity to navigate a virtual aircraft through the skies while reaping rewards. The becric aviator game tricks and strategies elevate my excitement to new heights!
    The variety of tricks available in Becric Aviator is a major highlight. From daring loop-de-loops to heart-stopping barrel rolls, each trick not only adds flair to your flight but also multiplies your potential winnings. Mastering these maneuvers requires practice, precision, and a good understanding of the game’s mechanics. The thrill of successfully executing a challenging trick is unmatched, and it keeps me engaged and motivated to keep improving.
    As far as I understand, one key aspect to note is that the slot is not purely about luck. Strategy has a great role in your success. Judging the right time to perform a trick or when to level off for a safe landing requires a keen sense of timing. The risk-reward dynamic of the game is truly commendable, as players must assess their situation and make split-second decisions that can make or break their run.

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