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JetX3 Game

JetX3 may seem like just another crash release added to the long list of similar titles. Yet, the video slot stands out from the range thanks to some nice innovations and captivating features. The vital advantages of the game include options like these:

  • A minimalistic but fresh cosmic design;
  • Win-boosting features;
  • A solid RTP;
  • A broad range of accepted bets.

However, an experienced crash jet gambler may doubt if they should play the JetX3 crash game. This review is designed to uncover all the benefits of the slot and explain why playing it is promising.

Main Features

The crash mechanic principle remains intact in the JetX3 game, but the developer has brought it to the next level. The space background with sketchy planets and ambient space tunes will please most gamblers’ eyes, but they aren’t anything revolutionary in the crash world. Yet, the game’s three space jets instead of one are sure to ignite players’ interest.

Triple Bet

The sweetest thing about the video slot’s jets is that a gambler can place bets on all three simultaneously! While other crash slots offer double bets at best, JetX3 game players have the choice of betting on one, two, or three spacecraft.


When a JetX3 round begins, all jets take off, and multipliers attached to each start rising. The initial point for all the multipliers is 1x. The maximum odds available for each spacecraft are 2,000x.

Auto Options

Three spaceships in the JetX3 crash game extend players’ possibilities, but they also require a triple-fast reaction. Following the flight of three jets is not as easy as it may seem. Gamblers should also place their bets and cash out in time.

That’s why the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout options become indispensable in this video slot. Auto Bet lets players define their bets once and use them as long as they wish. The Auto Cashout option allows collecting winnings when a multiplier reaches a certain value. Each jet can go with its separate auto options.

Other Features

JetX3 has advanced gameplay with several features that make the gaming process convenient. Some of them can even be used for choosing an optimal moment for entering the game. These specialties include Live Chat for players, game history, and live statistics.

The Game’s RTP

In its JetX3 release, Smartsoft offers an RTP of 97%. This percentage is above standard when compared with other slots.

How to Play JETX3?

A player should get registered with a trusted Smartsoft casino and deposit to be able to place their first real money bet on JetX3. The game is played in the following way:

  1. Launch the slot. This is a live game, and it starts at once.
  2. Place bets on Jet 1 or/and Jet 2 or/and Jet 3. Mind that there’s little time to make decisions.
  3. Use Auto Bet and/or Auto Cashout to simplify the gameplay (optional).
  4. Press Collect before the spaceship explodes.

Why place bets on all three jets? This strategy extends players’ winning chances. Thus, when one or two spacecraft crash fast, there’s still a chance of winning on the third jet.

How is Winning Calculated

Each JetX3 aircraft goes with a multiplier. It rises until the player clicks on Collect. The coefficient taken at this moment is used to multiply the player’s winnings. For instance, if their bet is $20 and the collect multiplier is 3.5x, the player has won $70 minus their initial bet.

How Do I Receive the Winning?

There are two ways to receive winnings in the JetX3 game: via Auto Cashout and manual collecting. In the first case, a player should toggle the Auto Cashout button into the active form and define with which modifier their winnings will be collected automatically.

If cashing out manually, the player should press the Collect button under the corresponding spacecraft to receive their winnings onto their gaming balance.

What Happens if I Get Disconnected?

A player should reconnect until the round with their active JetX3 bet is complete. Otherwise, their bet is lost. In case they have activated the Auto Cashout option, their winning will be collected anyway (if the corresponding jet reaches the predetermined multiplier).

How to Bet in JETX3?

The spaceships are marked with numbers 1, 2, and 3, and every player is free to choose which jets to bet on. If a player opts for betting on more than one spacecraft, their bets can be different. For instance, they can stake $2 on Jet 1, $5 on Jet 2, and $20 on Jet 3.


The JetX3 game is one of the best options among other crash slots. It stands out from the range of uniform games thanks to its more sophisticated gameplay. Three spaceships and abundant auto features make this game attractive in terms of winning potential.

Jetx3 Game Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Position of JetX3 in the Online Casino Lobbies?

The JetX3 game takes leading positions in the crash slot niche. That’s why players can usually see the slot in the top-popular sections in most online casinos.

What is the Minimum Bet on JetX3?

The smallest bet players can place in the JetX3 crash game is 10 cents or an equivalent in another currency.

What is the Maximum Bet on JetX3?

The highest bet a user can place is $300 or an equivalent in another currency accepted in the game.

Is JetX3 Available on Mobile Devices?

Yes. The Smartsoft game studio creates mobile-first titles. This is true for the slot under review, too. The game can be played without a download on most Android and iOS devices. On-the-go gamblers only need to pick a reliable mobile casino, a mobile browser, and a stable Internet connection to enjoy the crash slot.

Where Can I Play JetX3 for Real Money?

There’s a big choice of Smartsoft casinos with the JetX3 game on the list. However, be sure to choose one with a proper license, suitable payment methods, and fast withdrawals. Pay also attention to available bonuses and promotional programs.

1 thought on “JetX3 Game”

  1. In the vast airspace of Internet games of chance, JetX3 emerges, turbocharging the familiar adrenaline rush and presenting a novel playing experience.
    The game showcases an evolution in aesthetic appeal. The design is fresh yet familiar, reflecting modern playing sensibilities. Each visual element, from the aircraft’s animations to the dashboard interface, exudes precision and flair.
    Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the game introduces a tantalizing twist: three planes, each with its trajectory. This tripled dynamic amplifies the stakes and the excitement. I juggle decisions across three rising multipliers, adding layers of strategy and suspense. According to my experience, jetx3 isn’t merely about luck. It presents a chessboard in the sky. I always must navigate not just when to cash out for one plane, but how to optimize across all three. It’s a balancing act of risk, foresight, and intuition. With three aircraft in play, the opportunities for striking gold multiply. The potential for rich payouts across different multipliers ensures every round is fraught with anticipation and potential windfalls. The original game was captivating, but this option is an emotional tempest.

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