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Lucky 7 Game

BetGames Lucky 7 is a new live lottery game players can play at live casinos. A traditional 7/42 lottery forms the basis of the live show. However, its gameplay is much more captivating, thanks to numerous extra options. The ability to play in a live casino from home is the key advantage, but their full list contains at least the following:

  • Solid prize pools;
  • Draws taking place every four minutes;
  • 6 betting option types;
  • 78 markets to stake on;
  • Diverse odds;
  • Charming presenters;
  • An authentic atmosphere of playing in a real casino lobby.

Lotteries are simple to play, but the Lucky 7 game represents an advanced version of a lottery. Knowing its features will give a player more winning opportunities. This review displays them all, as well as explains the most popular strategies for the game.

Best Casinos Where to Play at Lucky 7

Gamblers can find the game only on gambling sites that offer a live casino and collaborate with BetGames. The number of such sites is large enough these days, but not every casino is a good choice for this or that player. They should pick one that suits them in terms of payments, bonuses, mobile compatibility, etc.

Searching for the best place to play at Lucky 7 live casino? Here are the Top 3 best gambling sites with comprehensive services, among which are great platforms with BetGames lobbies supported.

1Win Casino

One of the best international online casinos is 1Win. The platform is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board and offers secure gambling to its clients. The casino’s strong points include a great interface, a universal banking system, an abundance of promos, and excellent support. 1Win Casino partners with BetGames, and this is the #1 live casino to play and win in Lucky 7.

VBet Casino

One more terrific casino with live lobbies is the VBet gambling platform. This Curacao-licensed site has been in service since 2015 and has won crowds of fans. No wonder. The online casino offers a full range of services, including a gorgeous live casino. VBet works with BetGames, so every player can take their chance with the Lucky 7 game.

Betway Live-Casino

Betway is a strong player in the gambling industry. Since 2006, it has been offering diverse casino entertainment. The platform has a UK gambling license and partners with the best game studios. Betway Live Casino connects gamblers to the top live lobbies, including those available on the BetGames live platform.

How to Play “Lucky 7”

Users play the Lucky 7 game just the way they would play any lottery. However, this is an online game played in a live casino, so the gaming process includes the following stages:

  1. Sign in to their accounts.
  2. Deposit cash to unlock the real money gaming option.
  3. Go to the Live section, opt for BetGames, and click on the corresponding Lucky Seven lobby.
  4. You will see a timer showing how much time you have to place the bet before a new session starts. You decide to participate in the next session as well.
  5. Choose preferable betting options.
  6. Define the bet size and finalize the Lucky 7 bet.
  7. The timer’s zero mark means the start of the game. The host will carry out the draw at once.
  8. As soon as seven balls are ready, the round is finished. Players receive their winnings immediately.

Every player can continue playing and enter the next round if they are ready with their bets. Another option is to take a pause and prepare a certain betting plan for one of the following sessions.

How to Place a Bet?

The live show under review enables much more options than a common Lucky 7 bet on certain numbers. A choice of 78 betting markets expects gamblers here. A traditional way to place a bet is to choose a single market. But that’s not the only option!


One more advantage of the live show is that gamblers are not limited to one bet per session here. They are free to make several bets with various markets in one round.

Rules of the Game “Lucky 7”

The Betgames Lucky 7 live show is played with a ball machine containing 42 numbered balls. Among them, there are equal numbers of yellow and black balls. Pay attention that black balls are even, while yellow balls are odd.

The game’s host takes seven balls, one after another. The game has 78 outcomes a player can bet on, and payout odds can range from 1x to 1,800x.

Betgames Lucky 7 Betting Strategies and Tricks

Which Lucky 7 bet to choose to win? Every player should decide which betting strategy is more suitable for them. Here’s the list of the most promising ways to bet:

  • Bets on numbers.
  • Totals.
  • Color-based bets.
  • Bets on odd/even numbers.

Number Strategy

Here, a player tries to guess the winning balls’ numbers. Players can decide whether they wish to get all seven numbers matched or only several of them. One number choice is also accepted.

Black/Yellow Balls and Totals Strategy

One more variant of the Lucky 7 bet is to predict the color of the first, the last, or the second ball, taken from the ball machine.

In every round, yellow and black balls make up a certain total. It can be below 73.5 or go beyond this mark. Players are free to bet on one of these outcomes if they prefer the strategy of totals.

Total Sum Strategy

How much is the total sum of the balls drawn? The game offers a certain number, and a player can try to guess if the total sum is larger or smaller than the suggested number.

Total Count Strategy

How many yellow and black balls are there in the draw? Again, the game will give suggestions, and a player can try to predict if the number of black/yellow balls is bigger or smaller than the given one.


The total sum of the drawn balls plays a significant role in the Lucky 7 game show. Players can bet on whether this total is an even or odd number.


How Often Are the Draws?

Draws in the Lucky 7 game happen every four minutes. The game is fast-paced, and players should be quick when preparing their bets before entering a new round.

How Many Balls Are Drawn?

The live show represents an advanced variant of the 7/42 lottery. During each session, the ball machine releases seven balls of yellow and black color.

What Is the Maximum Number of Bets I Can Make?

The game supports 6 betting categories, and the maximum number of markets is 78. Players can use them all and add as many bets as they wish.

What Is the Minimum Bet Amount?

The highest stake a user can make in the live show round is $100.

What Is the Maximum Payout?

The biggest prize to expect in the BetGames Lucky 7 live show is 1,800x a bet.

1 thought on “Lucky 7 Game”

  1. Amidst the galaxy of online casino offerings, Lucky 7 shines brightly, providing a unique constellation of numbers, anticipation, and opportunities.
    This play encapsulates the timeless essence of traditional lottery games, complemented by digital enhancements. The play’s interface is a harmonious blend of vintage design and modern user-friendliness, guiding me effortlessly through my numeric journey. Unlike traditional games, Lucky 7 introduces a dimension of strategy. I choose my numbers, pondering on favorites or calculating odds, adding depth to the gameplay. Based on my observations, every draw becomes a crescendo of hope, wondering if their selected numbers will be the golden seven. The game stands out with its auditory experience. The subtle background music, combined with the distinctive sound of numbers being drawn, creates an atmosphere of suspense. It’s an acoustic tapestry that intensifies the anticipation. Lucky 7 promises enticing payouts. With varying prize tiers depending on the number of matched digits, the lucky 7 game ensures that I, whether I match two or all seven numbers, have something to celebrate.
    In addition, the thrill of waiting for each number to be drawn, juxtaposed against one’s chosen digits, ensures a gripping experience from start to finish.

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