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Lucky Jet Game

Lucky Jet is a mind-blowing game from the multiplier or crash category. It was developed for the 1Win bookmaker and now represents one of the casino’s top titles. Seasoned Aviator gamblers can be skeptical about this release since the market offers too many stereotypical crash games.

But don’t jump to such a conclusion too fast when evaluating the Lucky Jet crash game! It definitely merits gamblers’ attention. This review shows the advantages of this slot.

Popularity of Lucky Jet Game

Why does Lucky Jet have so many fans? The secret of the game’s popularity is hidden in its fascinating character and generosity. When it was released in 2021, it was just another crash slot. However, players soon explored its advantages:

  • Captivating gameplay;
  • Solid winning potential;
  • Easy rules;
  • Useful extra features.

Now, the Lucky Jet game is one of the most admired slot machines based on burst mechanics worldwide.

Lucky Jet – Analogue of Aviator and Other Crash Games

The gameplay of Lucky Jet is based on crash mechanics, but it contains several specialties. First, there’s no impersonal aircraft here. Instead, players will watch the flights of Lucky Joe, an astronaut equipped with a jet engine.

The key feature in the Lucky Jet crash game is a multiplier. The longer Joe the astronaut hovers in space, the higher multiplier he obtains. Thus, the higher winning the player receives if they succeed in cashing out in time.

The Lucky Jet’s Maximum Odds Are 200

Like other video slots, Lucky Jet promises incredibly high odds. You can come across the information that the highest possible multiplier in the game is 5,072x. The question is how frequently it happens, and – like in other games – such coefficients are absolute rarities.

What every player should pay attention to is the maximum multiplier that does appear in the Lucky Jet game on a regular basis. The maximum odds available every 2-3 hours are 200x! Not a crash slot will offer the same generosity. The 50x odds are usual events in the slot – they tend to happen several times an hour.

You Control the Game of Lucky Jet

As soon as the Lucky Jet multiplier exceeds 1.01x, players start to win money. It’s up to players to decide when they wish to cash out. The more they hesitate, the larger their prize can be, but that said, the loss risk rises as well.

The Lucky Jet Game is Adrenaline and Excitement in Its Purest Form

The outcome randomness and massive multipliers happening quite frequently make Lucky Jet a striking experience. Every gambler is free to work out their own approach to the crash slot. However, the main goal is to be on time with the cashout. That’s why Lucky Jet lures so many gamblers, especially those who prefer strategic games requiring quick reactions.

How to Play Lucky Jet

A real money account is necessary to enjoy the Lucky Jet crash game. So, players need to complete the following steps to start their first session:

  1. Get registered and sign in on the 1Win online casino’s website.
  2. Deposit enough funds.
  3. Define how much to wager on Lucky Jet. Use auto options if necessary.
  4. Rounds begin automatically, so be quick to prepare bets for each session.
  5. Observe the jet flight and try to cash out before Joe the astronaut flies away.
  6. If the cashout is made on time, the player wins, and their winnings go to their gaming account immediately.

That’s it. The crash slot is very simple. However, players should factor in extra options available in the game.

Lucky Jet Key Features

The first thing to bear in mind is that the Lucky Jet game offers such a precious feature as Double Bet. It allows gamblers to make two wagers per round. They can bet different amounts and cash out the winnings at different times.

Auto features are especially useful for beginners. Since rounds unfold quickly enough, it can be hard to get ready with bets and collect winnings in time for a Lucky Jet starter. The Auto Bid button will let them predetermine a suitable bet for all the following rounds.

The Auto Output option allows choosing a certain multiplier, and the player’s winnings will be collected automatically when this multiplier is reached.

Tips and Tactics in Lucky Jet

Is there a 100% correct predictor or ‘signals’ to win for sure in the Lucky Jet game? The slot is absolutely random, so players should not rely upon such ‘software.’ Instead, they can adopt one of the game’s popular strategies, the main of which are explained below.

Cash-Out-Fast Strategy

A workable way of regularly winning in Lucky Jet is to wager more and cash out on low multipliers. Prizes won’t be massive, but round after round, a player can accumulate a solid winning balance. This strategy may seem monotonous and even boring, but it works! Moreover, gamblers have auto options at their disposal to make the process automatic.

Higher Odds Strategy

An alternative approach is to take risks and wait until the Lucky Jet offers a higher multiplier enough to collect a solid prize. This strategy works, too, since Lucky Joe reaches 50x, 100x, and 200x coefficients frequently enough.

The question is when exactly to expect a 100x multiplier and higher. In this respect, the Lucky Jet history can come in handy. Players can learn the game’s pattern and try to pick the most promising rounds.


The Lucky Jet game is a fascinating crash slot every gambler should try. The game can bring pleasant prizes on a regular basis. The only condition is to work out a certain winning strategy to ensure high and stable payouts.


What Is the Objective of Lucky Jet?

In Lucky Jet, the main goal for every player is to collect their bet(s) in time and thus ensure winnings for themselves. Lucky Joe can fly away at any moment, so players should follow certain tactics to improve their chances.

How Much Money Can I Win in Lucky Jet?

The highest bet a player can place on Lucky Joe is $100. On the other hand, the highest multiplier is 5,072x. However, frequently happening multipliers are limited to 200x. That means it’s possible to win $20,000 per round every 2-3 hours.

Is there a Way to Reduce the Luck Factor in Lucky Jet?

The crash slot is a mere game of chance. Its outcomes are ensured by provably fair mechanisms. So, there’s no way to reduce the game’s volatility, but every player can enhance their chances by using a certain strategy or requesting a casino bonus.

How Do I Know if Lucky Jet Is Fair?

Lucky Jet is a fair game, and its outcomes are probably fair. Every gambler can check the integrity of the rounds in the history section of the game’s menu.

1 thought on “Lucky Jet Game”

  1. The dynamic landscape of play offerings, delves me into the stratosphere, combining high-flying excitement with gambling gratification.
    The game doesn’t just play; it dazzles. The play’s design is aviation-themed, decked out with sleek jets, radiant runways, and shimmering skies. Every element, meticulously crafted, ensures that I can feel the exhilaration of an airborne adventure.
    My tests showed that building upon classic casino mechanics, Lucky Jet introduces aerial nuances. I am not just spinning; I am soaring, as reels transition into jet trajectories, creating a gameplay experience that is both familiar and refreshingly novel.
    The auditory elements are impeccably curated. The roar of jet engines, the whoosh of the air, and the chimes of victory form a symphony that complements the high-flying visual narrative.
    The game offers turbulence in the best way. Its volatility ensures a mix of steady rewards and the potential for jackpot-like payouts, which allows me to understand how to play lucky jet and win. Every play session feels like an unpredictable flight, filled with peaks of triumph and dives of anticipation.
    With its blend of traditional slot elements and innovative jet-themed twists, Lucky Jet ensures that I, whether I am a novice or veteran, am gripped from takeoff to touchdown.

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