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The Aviator 20bet game is one of the most popular titles in the crash casino category. It’s a simple and fast way to win real money and enjoy gambling. 20bet provides players with a taste of the title, strategies, features and mobile gambling experience. Below, you will learn more about Aviator, why this title is liked by most players and how to play it on your mobile device.

Features of the Aviator 20bet Slot Machine

Aviator is one of the first projects that started the era of crash casino games. Here, all you need to do is press the “Cash Out” before the plane flies off the game screen. Moreover, this title made it possible for the provider Spribe to reach a new level and continue releasing crash games. But still, Aviator remains one of the best projects available on the 20bet website.

✅ Gambling Platform20bet
📄 License Curaçao
🎲 Sports BettingYes
⚡ Number of Software Providers65+
👋 Official Game NameAviator
💬 ProviderSpribe
🙌 Release DateFebruary 15, 2019
🎰 Game TypeCrash
⚙️ RTP97%
💵 VolatilityMid/High
💸 Maximum Winx100
📱 Mobile OptimizationYes
💰 Free Demo ModeYes

Aviator 20bet History

The Aviator game’s history began in 2019. Since then, the gambling market has been filled with other crash projects, for example, JetX or Spaceman. Despite this, the 20bet Aviator crash game is one of the most popular in this category. There are several reasons for it:

  • Fast gameplay;
  • Intuitive gameplay and interface;
  • Generous payments;
  • An ideal gambling option for both beginners and experienced high rollers;
  • Automatic game mode (auto bet/cashout);
  • Double-bet option.

Seeing such a list, it’s hard to believe that, in such a simple title, all this is available. Usually, such a set of features is inherent in various slot machines, but not in this case. Each round is unpredictable, as it can last 1 second or last up to 1 minute. Each time, it’s different because RNG algorithms unexpectedly determine the outcome of the round. 

The player’s task is to press the button before the plane disappears from their screens. Moreover, the multiplier also gains momentum randomly: the round starts with x1, but over time it increases unevenly. All this adds up to a unique gambling experience, and each round (despite similar actions) feels different.

Aviator Mobile: How to Download 20bet App

For fans of the game on the go, having Aviator on your mobile device is a must have feature. This can be done using the 20bet mobile application. For any player, the Aviator 20bet download free and can be done with a few taps on the screen of your device:

  1. Navigate to the official site.
  2. In the top menu, find the “Mobile App” section. Click on it.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page. 
  4. Scan a QR code.
  5. Next, based on the operating system of your device (Android/iOS), follow the download link on the page that will open after scanning the QR code.
  6. Wait for the download/installation and open the application.
  7. Login/register. 
  8. Open the game and test it. Change settings or set low graphics if you have lags or any other problems with gameplay.

The gameplay is no different from the PC version. Perhaps the smaller version of the interface will be a little unusual at the beginning, but after a couple of rounds, you will get used to it. Moreover, you can experience gameplay on your mobile device or tablet without the necessity of installing the application. Simply access the website on your device and navigate to the casino area. Android App can be downloaded and installed using the APK file. For iOS devices, the application is not yet fully available. Therefore, an alternative is gambling through a mobile browser, which was described above.

Aviator Game Strategy in 20bet Casino

Aviator 20bet, like any other crash title, has various strategies that gamblers use. Most of them are designed for gameplay, and the others are for maintaining a bankroll and controlling gambling activity.

  • The first game strategy used by Aviator players is the “X” tactic. The title has an automatic cashout feature that allows you to set a certain multiplier. After the plane reaches a given multiplier, for example, x3.5, the game will cash out automatically. You can also do this manually. As a result, players balance the optimal winnings and do not play every round randomly and chaotically.
  • The second most popular strategy is massive bankroll management. In this case, players can play quickly and not risk losing all the money in their casino account. The functions of double bet and automatic cashout help them in this (in the first strategy, double bet is not used). As a result, players tie each bet to a multiplier of x1.5-1.9 since the probability that the plane will reach this mark is extremely high.

Sometimes, it is difficult to guarantee a 100% win in casino 20bet Aviator. However, you can always test these and other game tricks in “DEMO” mode. This will allow you to gain experience and prepare for real-money gambling.

Also, do not forget to set limits for yourself and manage your bankroll management wisely. In this case, you will always have money in your account balance for gambling. In addition, do not forget about the various casino bonuses that will increase your limit and the number of bets/rounds in Aviator.

How to Win in the Aviator 20bet Crash Game

Funds won in Aviator immediately go to your account balance. But how to win? As stated above, winning in every round cannot be guaranteed. In rare cases, some gamblers use hacks and third-party programs to see the result of each round. Such actions violate the rules of the platform and fair gambling. As a result, the accounts of such players are blocked forever.

Winning depends on your luck, experience and understanding of the game. It’s easy to gain experience in “DEMO” mode, especially since a large number of other gamblers can sit in the lobby at the same time. The title also has a section with Live Statistics and player actions; that is, you will see how many players are playing and when they press “Cash Out”. This way, you can see how other players act, and understand approximate patterns of rounds, and play Aviator 20bet online.

For example, in two rounds in a row, the plane did not reach the mark of more than x2 multiplier for some players; this is a signal that the next round, in theory, could be x3+. In this case, they can increase the bet and try their luck to win more.

The easiest way to win and enjoy gambling. After all, gambling is a way to relax and enjoy the slot, and not a way to win and earn money.

Aviator 20bet: Players Review

Most gamblers speak positively about this title. For many, it has replaced the usual slot machines since here, to some extent, you decide the outcome of the round: press “Cash Out” or wait a little longer. Also, this casino game is ideal for beginners. Simple rules and equally interesting gameplay are often the main reasons for choosing a particular game, and Aviator is an ideal choice.

However, players also highlight some of the Aviator’s shortcomings in review. Here are a few of them:

  • High level of randomness;
  • Lack of a payout table (as in conventional slot machines);
  • High volatility.

Although these are not critical shortcomings, they are still worth mentioning. The project is regularly updated and undergoes tests by independent agencies to prove honesty and the absence of illegal aspects. As a result, gamblers can play Aviator 20bet game online and not worry about being deceived or the slot being unfair.


What to do if Aviator doesn’t work?

At the outset, confirm the stability of your internet connection. To guarantee peak gaming performance, it is crucial to possess the latest version of your web browser. If the game is not fixed, contact support via Telegram bot.

What’s a cashback Aviator 20bet Casino?

Cashback or RTP is the percentage that you can theoretically get back. In this case, Aviator has 97%, which means the return of this percentage is based on your deposit into the game.

Is there a Promo Code?

You can find a list of available bonuses and offers (including promo code, FS, etc.) and other bonuses on the official website or the social networks of 20bet.

Is there a Demo version?

Yes. The demo version is available for free and gives unlimited virtual credits to play this game without risks.

When is the best time to play Aviator 20bet Casino?

20bet Aviator is a popular game, but online play increases on weekends and towards evening time. This affects not only statistics but also gamblers’ chances of winning.

Is it legal to hack 20bet Casino Aviator?

No. Any manipulation of the slot, including cheats, hacks, etc., is prohibited. If suspicious actions of gamblers are detected, they will be blocked on the platform.

Is Aviator purely a game of chance?

Any casino game is based on luck, and this one is no exception. The outcome of any round is unpredictable, thanks to RNG algorithms.

What does x1 mean in 20bet?

The entry x+number means the potential multiplier of your bet: x1 from $1,000 = $1,000 winnings. For example, x5 + $1,000 bet in case of winning will bring $5,000.

Is it safe to play Aviator Online at 20bet Casino?

Yes. 20bet is a legal gambling platform, and playing on it is safe and legal. It has Curaçao license.

How to withdraw real money in 20bet Aviator?

To withdraw funds, in the “Deposit” menu, select the payment method and the amount you want to receive.

Can I use any currency in my account to play the Aviator game?

Yes. Gamblers can make deposits and withdrawals in their local currencies and enjoy Casino 20bet Aviator. Bets in games also provide for automatic currency conversion.

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