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Jet Lucky Game

Jet Lucky is an online casino game released by Gaming Corps in 2021. Its gameplay combines the elements of old-school arcades and newer Aviator-like games. That is, the video slot belongs to the so-called crash game category, and its benefits are as follows:

  • Simple rules;
  • A captivating, vintage design;
  • Engaging features;
  • Not bad winning potential.

The Jet Lucky crash game can be a fantastic pastime, but how to play and win in it? What is its largest payout? Find answers to all questions like these below.

How to Play the Jet Lucky Crash Game?

The Jet Lucky game’s tactics are based on the crash or burst mechanics. The gameplay is very close to the Aviator’s, but the game’s design is more sophisticated here. The round begins with the takeoff of the fighter aircraft. It starts from the aircraft carrier and flies over the ocean until the final crash. Here, the jet explodes because of a bomb thrown from above.

A player should place their bet before the Jet Lucky flight begins. If they don’t do it in time, their bet will be transferred to the next round automatically. As soon as the round kicks off and bets are placed, the player’s main goal is to catapult from the jet right in time, that is, before the crash.

It means players should press the Collect button to cash out their bets. If they succeed in it before the jet crashes, they see a little pilot getting catapulted with the help of a parachute. In this case, they win. Otherwise, they lose their bet.


How are winnings calculated in the Jet Lucky crash game? Like in other similar slots, the payout system is based on multipliers. The starting one is 1x. While the jet is flying, it is rising. The maximum possible multiplier in the game is 100x.

How much can a player win in Jet Lucky? It depends on the bet. The crash slot supports wagers from 1 cent to a hundred dollars. So, if betting the maximum sum, the player’s payout can reach as much as $10,000.


The cash-out process is the most important part of the gameplay. On the one hand, players are prone to getting out of the game with the highest possible multiplier. However, the jet can explode very fast, and this will cause a bet loss. So, the slot requires both intuition and quick reaction.

When making the first steps in the Jet Lucky game, a player can stay on the safe side by cashing out very early. This simple technique will let them learn the gameplay and win small amounts of money.

As soon as the player gets a proper experience with the crash slot, they can employ other strategies of betting and cash-out. Knowing the video slot’s key features is crucial for using them.

What are the Features of the Jet Lucky Game?

Jet Lucky is an advanced variant of a crash game. It has several features that can improve players’ winning chances. The list of the most important features includes the following options:

  • Live Statistics.
  • Double Bet.
  • Players’ Chat.
  • The Auto Bet & Cancel Bet options.
  • Auto Collect.
  • Demo game.

How can these features help a player win? Each of the options can form part of their winning strategy. It should include at least the following steps.

See Live Statistics

There’s no correct Jet Lucky game predictor, but the slot can bring useful information itself. The right part of the screen contains the section with the recent bets. Every player can analyze them and try to understand the actual pattern of the slot. It can help players to choose a moment when higher multipliers can be expected in the game.

Double the Bets Before Takeoff

An excellent way to raise the Jet Lucky odds is to use its Double Bet option. It allows a player to place two bets at once. They are free to bet different amounts of money. Moreover, they can cash them out at different times. All these manipulations can extend the player’s winning possibilities.

Live Chat

One more good option is built-in Live Chat. What’s good about it? The chat is made for players who can communicate and share their experiences with each other. When they play Jet Lucky for real cash, every little piece of information can be crucial.

Auto Bet

When a player opts for the Auto Bet feature, they predetermine their bet for every round played. This bet will be placed automatically in all the following Jet Lucky rounds until the player changes the amount or cancels the option.

The Cancel Bet feature can be used to undo any bet. A player can do it only before the round begins. If the jet flight has started, and the bet wasn’t canceled, it will be written off the player’s gaming balance anyway.

Auto Collect

Another great Jet Lucky option that can be especially useful for beginners is Auto Collect. It will let a player define the maximum multiplier on which their stakes will be withdrawn automatically. This option can be applied to both bets or only to one of them.

Test the Demo Game

Finally, a reasonable way to start with the Jet Lucky crash game is to explore its demo first. The free version of the slot is accessible in many online casinos without an account or a deposit. Although there’s no way to win real prizes in the demo game, it gives an excellent opportunity to practice the gameplay and sync with the slot.

The demo mode doesn’t differ from the real money version in terms of features. So, every player can try to work out their own winning strategy for Jet Lucky by testing Double Bet, auto betting, live statistics, etc.

What is the RTP of the Jet Lucky Game?

The Return to Player (RTP) can tell a lot about a casino game. RTP percentages show how much the game is expected to pay back to players who placed bets on it. A good RTP starts with 96%.

When compared with other slot machines, the Jet Lucky game offers an even a bit better RTP range than most slots do. Since gamblers can use various strategies in the crash slot under review, its RTP can vary from 96.5% to 97.5%.

Available on Mobile and Tablet

The best thing about the Jet Lucky crash game is that players can enjoy it on any device. This is an instant play game, so no apps or downloads are necessary to play it on mobile gadgets with most OS. The supported devices include at least the following:

  • Android smartphones;
  • Android tablets;
  • iOS smartphones;
  • iPad devices, etc.

Of course, mobile gamblers should choose a trusted online casino with a powerful mobile platform to ensure a top-class gaming experience for themselves. A stable connection is also necessary to play Jet Lucky without glitches and the risk of losing bets.


How Much Money Can I Bet per Round in Jet Lucky?

The crash slot supports a broad range of bets. Gamblers can bet from $0.1 to $100. However, they can also opt for the Double Bet option. So, the maximum bet accepted will be $200 in this case.

What Is the Maximum Amount that I Can Win in Jet Lucky?

The highest payout gamblers can expect to get in the Jet Lucky game is 100x.

Can I Play Jet Lucky on My Mobile Phone?

Yes. The slot is mobile-friendly. Players don’t need to download or install any software to enjoy the Jet Lucky game on their hand-held gadgets. They only have to pick a reliable mobile casino with the crash slot on the list and ensure a stable Internet connection to play this striking game on any device.

1 thought on “Jet Lucky Game”

  1. Venturing into the world of online casino gaming, I quickly recognized the inundation of games vying for attention. Amid this galaxy of choices, the play ascends as a refreshing, adrenaline-charged entrant. Its interface whisks me away on an aerodynamic adventure. Its sleek, polished design, combined with crisp graphics, offers a user experience that’s both visually stimulating and intuitive. Based on my observations, drawing inspiration from the ever-popular ‘crash’ genre, Jet Lucky marries simplicity with nerve-wracking suspense. I bet on a rising multiplier, aiming to cash out before the jet crashes. This deceptively simple concept is electrified by the tantalizing unpredictability of each round.
    On the surface, it seems like a pure game of chance, according to lucky jet rules. But as veterans will attest, there’s room for strategy. Assessing risk, setting limits, and determining when to bow out of a round requires a keen blend of intuition and cold calculation. The game doesn’t skimp on thrills, especially with its potential for sky-high multipliers. While the risks are palpable, the rewards for me when I time my exit just right can be equally astronomical. What sets the game apart is its captivating ability to glue me to my screen.

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