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The Casino Fortuna Aviator game is now available to gamblers around the world. Despite all existing rumors and conversations, it remains a 100% game of chance. No predictors and hacks that’ll be discussed here can impact the round outcome. Only the gambler’s luck and a reasonable approach can make the Aviator experience positive and unforgettable. And positive reviews from other players prove that all the slot features are real.

Features of the Aviator Fortuna Slot Machine 

Those launching the title must be tired of the classic slot machine titles and are looking for something fresh. Often placed under the Casino or Instant Games category, this crash offers a whole new experience.

🎰 GameAviator
⚡ DeveloperSpribe
🗺️ Languages availableEnglish, Hindi, Turkish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Portugal, Uzbekistani
🎲 RTP97%
👋 Max winx100,000
🙌 Release year2019
⚙️ TypeCrash game, instant slot
💸 Bets range0,1 USD /100 USD 
✅ FeaturesChat, Bets History, Leaderboard, Auto Bet/Auto Cashout.

Aviator isn’t a live game by its nature, but the live chat and leaderboard never let players feel alone. Its mechanics may be a bit similar to slot ones: to play Aviator Fortuna online, the gambler places a bet on the outcome of an action and waits for the result. But in Aviator, the gambler is the one who defines the flight result by cashing out at the right moment. 

History of Aviator Fortuna 

Although the model was released in 2019, its interface and design resemble a title released in the 80’s of the past century. That was the aim of Spribe. They wanted to develop a gameplay younger gamblers had never seen before. It should have been simple, captivating, and involving at the same time. It was a success. The simplicity of Aviator gameplay and rules has won the hearts of players. Now Aviator is one of the most visited casino titles at Fortuna Casino.

Aviator Fortuna: How to Download the App? 

The opportunity to download the Aviator app to any mobile device is the main advantage of the title. Mobile-friendly games are now on top, and Aviator as well. It ensures a smooth experience on any smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS-based. Here’s how to download and install the Fortuna app.

Aviator Fortuna Android App

If the device settings allow the installation of apps from third-party sources, the process will take 5 minutes at most:

  1. Open the official site.
  2. Click the “Android” button to get redirected to the Aviator Fortuna download free page.
  3. Allow your browser to download the app and get the APK file.
  4. Navigate it in the file system and start the installation.

Once the app is installed, enter the login into your account, and start playing Aviator. If you aren’t ready to deposit — the slot demo is also accessible on mobile. 

Aviator Fortuna iOS App

The iOS app download also doesn’t take too long to be finished:

  1. Launch Casino Fortuna from a mobile browser.
  2. Click the app “Download” button to get redirected to the App Store.
  3. Download the application from the App Store.

There are no high system requirements players need to comply with to enjoy this game. Even if your device isn’t the newest one, be sure the app will run well and the experience will satisfy you.

Aviator Game Strategy in Fortuna Casino 

Even though it’s a game of chance, players don’t neglect the existing gambling strategies. As a bettor tries and understands the title, he or she comes up with their game strategy soon. There’s no guarantee that the renowned approaches will work excellently. But they are worth applying to the Aviator game:

  • Low-risk. Players should bet and cash out when the Fortuna Aviator crash game coefficient is low. This one is safe but leaves no chance for big winnings. The recommended point to cash out is 1-1,5x.
  • Lucky round. 100x multiplier hits once in 60–90 minutes, according to some observations. Users just need to track history, observe the last time the coefficient hit, and guess the right time.
  • One bet. It’s easier to gamble when placing only one bet, especially for a newcomer. This approach also saves funds. Go to a multi-betting approach when you gain experience.
  • Two bets. The first bet placed should be cashed out with the low multiplier, whereas the second one can wait for a higher coefficient to be withdrawn.

There’s no the least sense in trying to hack the slot, define signals, or anything else. Launching a software or Telegram bot aimed at guessing when the plane flies away is just a waste of time. Users should play the game and learn the gameplay.

How to Win in the Fortuna Aviator Crash Game? 

Only luck and RNG decide whether a gambler succeeds in Aviator or not. This is a game where no strategy or tip works 100%. However, it doesn’t mean users need to give up from the very beginning. Here are some tricks to try:

  • Demo mode. In the game Aviator Fortuna, this is what all new players should try first. It’s a perfect way to learn the functions and test the strategies. The gambler is given unlimited cash on the balance and can place bets of any size with no financial risk.
  • Manual bets. Players should prioritize placing real bets and vary them instead of betting the fixed amount in Auto Mode. You can try adjusting to the auto-betting strategy at the very beginning, but to feel the real slot — gamble manually.
  • Bankroll management. A specific sum of the casino balance should be allocated to this slot. And spending more than planned isn’t allowed. The player must analyze the earnings and spending to allocate the budget you can spend on gambling and never deposit more than was planned.

And one of the most crucial tricks is to keep a head cool. This gameplay is thrilling and engaging, so it’s easy to lose track of time and money. The slot shouldn’t become anything else besides the entertainment option; otherwise, it leads to failure.

Player Reviews of Aviator Fortuna 

The review sites contain plenty of descriptions of players’ impressions. Here are just a few examples:

Jean: “Aviator Fortuna made me a gambler. I just saw an ad somewhere and decided to try. After registering on the casino site and my first deposit, I felt that I should try this model. The crash game captured my attention from the first session. And I don’t plan to stop.”

Dominic: “This is my favourite game among all existing in Casino Fortuna. I’m happy to play it on my smartphone and use the generous casino bonuses that boost my bankroll.”

Kima: “This is a kind of online casino slot but is unique at the same time. Instead of spinning the reels and waiting for the pair of aces in your hands, you literally gamble in a video game. I’m an avid retro title fan, so Aviator is what I’m looking for.”

Anna: “The interesting gameplay and pleasant visual style help me relax after a hard day at work. Although the model keeps me in tension each round, I still enjoy it and can’t spend an evening without using at least one round.”

Hue: “I saw my friend playing this game and couldn’t resist the temptation. Now I play Aviator each evening. Judging by my great wins, these are my lucky hours.”

An almost absolute absence of related negative opinions and complaints is the key feature of the Fortuna Aviator.


What to Do if The Game Doesn’t Work?

If the casino or a slot doesn’t work, reload the website or app. Ensure there’s no VPN enabled and the Internet connection is good. If the issue persists, contact customer support.

What’s Cashback for Aviator Fortuna?

This is one of the bonus offers on Fortuna Casino. Upon activating it from the “Promo” page, you can get your losses returned. The percentage of your cash returned is defined by the bonus policy and varies.

Might There Be an Offer Code?

Yes, the casino has a promo code. The reward players can claim varies depending on the active promotions. These can be free Aviator bets, free cash, reload, or anything else.

Are There Any Prototype Versions Offered?

Yes, Fortuna Casino accepts a demo version of the Aviator game. This is a duplicate of real-money mode with unlimited cash on the balance. Visuals, features, betting options, and all functions are the same.

When Do Players Find It Most Opportune to Enjoy Aviator Fortuna? 

There’s no defined answer to this question. Each Aviator bettor should define lucky hours for themselves. When you have enough free funds to use Aviator and feel you’re in the right mood to do it, the best time to play Aviator Fortuna game online has come.

Is It Legal to Hack Fortuna Aviator?

No, any attempts to change the title algorithm are illegal. As the casino discovers you used any software to hack the game, your account will be closed. The result isn’t worth the risk.

What Does x1 Mean in Fortuna?

This is a coefficient. You can observe an x1 value at the very beginning of the slot round. However, you can cash out with it and take your bet back.

Is Aviator Purely a Game of Chance?

Yes, it’s a 100% game of chance. Neither the existing strategies nor the gamblers’ attempts to create Aviator-specific approaches can’t change the game’s essence.

Is it Risk-Free to Enjoy Aviator Online on Fortuna?

Yes, it’s safe to play this slot at Fortuna Casino. The security and safety are achieved by the integration of the newest security protocols, anti-malware software, and data encryption.

How Can One Extract Actual Earnings from Fortuna Aviator?

If you manage to land a high coefficient and win, you can get your winnings quickly. Go to the “Cashier”, request a withdrawal, and fill out the required details. The money will be added to your account balance as soon as possible.

Is USD an Acceptable Currency Option for My Account in Aviator?

Yes, you can. If you access Aviator Casino Fortuna you can deposit to your account via global payment systems in USD with no conversion fees.

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