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Play Aviator Pin-Up

PinUp aviator is one of the most popular games on the Pin-Up platform. The bookmaker was founded in 2016 and is designed for the global betting market, so thanks to the work of the managers at the moment it can be called one of the top global companies. For players from India, the bookmaker is legal, as it is licensed by Curacao, which makes it impossible to doubt the transparency of Pin-Up.

Professional support services will always be ready to help their players with any problems of any complexity. If you suddenly have a problem, for example, with Pin-Up, you can always use several ways without any tricks to contact the support team and get immediate help. The main means of contacting support on the platform are online chat, email, and hotline. With any of these ways of communication, you can easily solve an issue of any complexity, and the staff is always smoothly performing their work.

Features Of The Aviator Pin-Up Slot Machine

The main feature of the Aviator game is its mechanics. The whole point is that you observe the flight of the plane, which flies in one direction upwards and at any moment can simply fly away. And the gameplay of Pin Up casino aviator is that you have to pick up the winnings before it flies away. Your winnings increase every second along with the height of the flight. The game is also very attractive because it seems elementary and will fascinate even the most sophisticated users.

Main FeaturesDescription
Short roundsThe short length of the rounds in time allows players not to get bored, but even in a round of a minute you can get x10 winnings from the bet, so players do not have time to get bored with the game and are always in suspense.
Auto cache and auto-play featureFunctions that allow you to bring gameplay to automatism. If you are not confident in your reaction you can trust the system and the game itself will take your winnings for you at a certain rate. All you need to set the desired rates in the main menu of Pin-Up casino aviator.
Quality visualsAn integral part of any slot or game, and the first thing players pay attention to is the visual design. And there is no doubt about the fact that the visual design in Aviator is as simple as possible but of very high quality. Even after several hours spent in the game, users do not get tired of watching the airplane flying in the same direction.

The important points of the game are that you can take your winnings at any second, even at the beginning of the round. The rounds themselves last on average a minute or a couple of minutes if the plane flew very high. Pin Up casino aviator allows you to make INR 2000 from a bet of INR 200 in just a few seconds. Once you enter the game, you will be able to observe even more different moments, thanks to which you can increase your betting profits.

Pin-Up Aviator Download

Android users can download the official application for convenience.


Android smartphone users can download the application from the official site Pin-Up, the application does not require high specifications for smartphones, so it will go even on the oldest devices. Users who want to play Aviator through the mobile application to download it need to do the following:

  1. Find the official Pin-Up website in your browser and open it;
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find an icon that prompts you to download the app;
  3. Download the apk file;
  4. For you to install the application you need to go into the security settings of your Android smartphone and set the permission to download from unknown sources;
  5. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded apk file and it will be automatically installed, after which you can log in to the app and log in.

Now you can play Pin Up aviator through the official app.


Unfortunately, the Pin-Up app for iOS devices is currently under development. But for Apple smartphone users, there is a great alternative in the form of a mobile version of the site, which does not even need to be downloaded. Players can add a mobile version icon to their home screen by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Safari browser and find the official Pin-Up site;
  2. Click the “share” button, and a window will open;
  3. Choose “Add to Home Screen,” and then you can go in and check if Pin-Up is on your smartphone’s home screen.

Now you can access the mobile version of Pin-Up aviator directly from the home screen.

Pin-Up Aviator App

Unfortunately, the game Aviator does not exist as a separate app or service, it is presented only in conjunction with the entire range of betting on the platform. But for Android users, it is possible to download Pin-Up as an official mobile app. Where the aviator game will already be located, in which you can already enter and place your bets.

The app has advantages that can set it apart from other betting platforms. Among the main advantages stands out such aspect as competently transferred areas to win from the main site. Low system requirements allow you to play aviator PinUp on a smartphone with any hardware. Well, the speed of loading different slots or switching from one bet to another takes a minuscule amount of time.

The only disadvantage is that at the moment the application for iOS is not yet developed, but in this case, users of Apple technology can always use the mobile version of the site, which is not inferior. Pin-Up in the mobile version as well as in the mobile application has the same functionality and opportunities to win. So IOS users will not regret the fact that at the moment they do not have the opportunity to use a specialized application and will not feel any inconvenience in the betting.

Aviator Game Strategy In Pin-Up Casino

Any experienced aviator player knows that there is no strategy that is 100% likely to bring you only profit. But still, the gameplay of the game allows you to deduce several strategies that will increase your chances of winning with both small and large bets. Here are the basic aviator Pin Up strategies:

  • Moderate risk. A strategy that involves the expectation of odds from 2 to 3. If you rely on the statistics of the game, the fallout of such odds has a probability of 40-45 percent. Here it is recommended to wait for a couple of rounds, if you see that the plane stopped before mark 2 is a signal that the next rounds also may not reach the desired height. Thus, the risk of loss becomes greater. But of course, you can simply not wait and while unsure about the odds at 2 and 3, take your winnings a few rounds at 1 and 1.5 and in any case have some profit from betting;
  • Increased risk. Here the name of the strategy speaks for itself. A technique in which you can very quickly make a significant profit on a single bet, but the chances of losing large sums correspondingly increase. This strategy is to wait for very high odds x100 and above. According to statistics to such heights planes in the aviator game Pin Up can fly once every hour and a half, so players need to be very patient and diligent. The important point is not to bet all the money at once in the hope that the odds will reach the cherished number. It is best to start with small stakes;
  • Minimal risk. Perhaps the simplest and most reliable strategy for beginners who do not want to risk too much. The strategy consists of small, they can be up to 10% of the deposit, so that if you lose, you will not lose critical amounts and in the long run with a greater likelihood of being in the plus. Also following this strategy in Pin-Up casino aviator, you take your winnings at odds of up to 1 or 1.5.

Also not excluded are the cases in which you can just be lucky without relying on any strategy you can just go make the first bet and get a very large winning, all in the game depends on luck.

How To Win Is The Pin-Up Aviator

It is impossible to derive a certain formula for winning, somehow the game is still tied to a system of chance and no one knows how the plane will fly. That is why players should not trust, for example, signals telegram channels, as the company does not disclose such information about the games and does not engage in such activities. Therefore, the game of aviator Pin Up casino can be considered fair, as everyone has more or less equal chances.

If you highlight any point in the betting, the main thing for any player is to always keep yourself in control and not make hasty bets. If you start getting lucky, don’t immediately go all-in, as you risk losing everything very quickly. It is better to fix your winnings and be able to stop in time. Ngudoblenno remembers that luck is a fickle streak, if you already have a few rounds in a row get a big win better to make some pause well, or at least not to raise rates too high to increase your chances in future rounds PinUp aviator.

Welcome Bonus

As a first aid to players, to increase their incentive and chances of winning big, the casino provides a welcome bonus on their first deposit to increase their incentive and chances of winning big. After registering, logging into your new account, and making your first deposit, you get a 100% bonus on that amount directly into your account without any tricks. The amount can be up to 25,000 INR, and in addition, you are given free spins that you can use in other Pin-Up games. This kind of bonus from the company can be called a great start for new players

Player Reviews Of Aviator Pin-Up

If you compile most of the reviews about aviators and the casino in general, you can highlight the main advantages that highlight the regular players. There is a quick withdrawal from the casino and quick verification. Also, a nice bonus program platform gives each player monetary rewards and gratifies the constant delight of various lucrative promotions.

As for the Pin Up aviator game specifically, here are some of the real player’s reviews:

  1. “I never would have thought I could win anything at an online casino, but the aviator game was able to surprise me and prove otherwise. Great fun, will play more”- JUST1.
  2. “At first I couldn’t win anything, but when I started playing with the same strategy it started to work. I’m very happy with the nice winnings”- Funny Duck.
  3. “Still can not believe that in a couple of minutes, flying a plane can increase my deposit by 5 times, just amazing, thank you very much”- Pryga32.

This is just a small part of the feedback from satisfied players.


Is The Promo Code For Pin-Up?

To find out the actual promo codes that will bring you any prizes, you need to constantly study reputable sites and keep an eye on the company’s official website. That way, you’ll never miss out on lucrative offers from Pin-Up Casino.

Is There A Demo Version?

You can try almost any slot and game at first through the demo version mode. Before you click and start playing you only need to select this mode.

Is It Possible To Hack Aviator On Pin-Up?

As of now, Pin-Up aviator has not had any confirmed cases of hacked apk files or the official site, and if it did, the company would probably solve the problem quickly in no time at all.

1 thought on “Play Aviator Pin-Up”

  1. Aviator Pin-Up adds a sultry twist to the digital casino landscape, offering a game that’s as tantalizing in design as it is in gameplay. This aviation-themed adventure beckons me to the glamorous era of vintage aviation, merging it seamlessly with modern playing dynamics.
    The central premise, predictably, revolves around forecasting the crash of a plane. Yet, while the core concept remains similar to its counterparts, the pin up aviator game sets itself apart with its ambiance. The visuals evoke nostalgia, reminiscent of 1950s pin-up artistry, where dashing pilots and glamorous air hostesses reign supreme. This retro appeal not only provides a visual treat but also a unique atmosphere often missing in standard casino games.
    Game mechanics are gripping. Due to my knowledge gained in practice, I can say that the rising multipliers add a strategic depth, forcing me to grapple with the tantalizing dilemma: cash out early with a guaranteed but smaller reward, or hold out for a potential jackpot, risking it all? This push-and-pull ensures that even seasoned players like me find themselves on the edge of their seats.
    The sound design is commendable on-point. The soft hum of the propeller, intertwined with vintage tunes, transports me to an era gone by. It’s an aural journey that complements the visual aesthetic, amplifying immersion.
    However, the captivating nature of Aviator Pin-Up is not without its pitfalls.

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