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Cash or Crash Game

Cash or Crash is a live show played in a live casino lobby. The game was created by the live industry leader, Evolution Gaming and soon became a real hit. Unlike traditional house classic cards or Roulette, this game offers a completely new way to entertain.

Yet, this is a game for real money with incredibly high winning potential. So, a couple of hints and strategies will come in handy. The following review contains everything a player should know about the live show to ensure their winning chances.

Cash or Crash Game Main Features

The Cash or Crash live game has similarities with the iconic Aviator slot machine. The difference is that a player takes a sort of zeppelin or blimp by connecting to the Evolution live studio via their computer or mobile device.

The ‘flight’ is operated by a live dealer uniformed as a stewardess or a captain. There can be up to 20 levels, each lifting up the payout multipliers. Each level goes with a draw processed with the help of a drawing ball machine. So, Cash or Crash can be seen as a mixture of a crash slot and a lottery game.

Best Cash or Crash Live Casinos

Evolution live games and shows are available in numerous casinos across the globe. Which one to choose? Every player should bear in mind the following criteria when opting for this or that Cash or Crash live casino:

  • Proper equipment for live sessions;
  • Mobile-friendly services;
  • A diverse and convenient banking system;
  • Fast withdrawals.

Picking the right platform is an undertaking pursuit. The below list of the top live casinos to play Evolution games will let every player join a top-notch live gambling site with one click.

How to Play Cash or Crash

Rounds in the Cash or Crash game are fast-paced, and the game is a joy to play. A gambler should sign up and log in to their account, deposit some funds, and launch the corresponding live lobby to start playing.

Players have about half a minute to place their bets. The range of bets accepted in the live show is €0.20 to €10,000. Most casinos accept multiple currencies and even cryptocurrencies for betting live. The betting range in another currency will be displayed in the paytable.

After the bets are placed, the Cash or Crash drawing process is carried out. The drawn ball defines the player’s lot. They either win a prize and can level up to the next stage (Cash) or lose and leave the game (Crash).

If the player wins, they have two alternatives: to continue playing on the next level or quit the game with their winnings in their pocket. Players will have little time to make a decision.

In case the gambler decides to stay in, they have to stake half their prize on the next draw. If they decide to quit, the game is finished, and the winnings are transferred to their gaming balances immediately.

Aim of the Game

Since the Cash or Crash game consists of 20 levels, the global aim here is to complete them all and win. Why is lifting up important? The main reason is that the higher the level, the larger prize a player can win.

Payout in the Live Show

The prize size in the live show depends on the level. The higher a player climbs, the bigger multiplier they can expect. Thus, Level 1 starts with a 1.2x multiplier. This coefficient will rise gradually until it takes its maximum. At Level 20, a player’s bet can be multiplied by 18,000x to 50,000x!

Live Show RTP

Cash or Crash is a captivating game show that can compete in the level of excitement with any slot. However, the live show offers players much higher winning odds than slots. The game goes with an RTP of 99.59%.

Ball Drawing Machine

So, the balls are decisive in the Cash or Crash game, but how exactly does it all work? The core element here is the ball machine that produces a certain ball during the draw. The ball machine contains 28 balls:

  • 19 green balls;
  • 8 red balls;
  • 1 golden ball.

The ball’s color is crucial since the player can either win a prize or lose and drop out of the game. The balls work in the following ways.

Green Balls

The ball’s green color works as the green light on traffic roads. In case a player gets a green ball, they win. That is, their bet is multiplied by 1.2x in round 1 or by a random multiplier from the corresponding range on the upper ladders of the game.

Golden Ball

A truly precious thing in the Cash or Crash live game is the golden ball. It adds an extra life to the player’s account. So, the golden ball can be seen as a risk-free ticket to the next level since, in case the player gets a red ball, they can use this extra life to stay safe in the game.

However, they cannot quit the game with their winnings at this stage. The game will continue until another red ball is drawn. So, the player’s main mission is to get as many green balls as possible to level up as high as possible.

Red Balls

There are only eight red balls in the Cash or Crash ball machine. Yet, this lot may fall upon a player at some stage. If the red ball appears during the draw, the player leaves the game and loses their bet. The only salvation is to receive the golden ball at the previous stages.

Obviously, the chances of taking a red ball in the initial rounds are low enough. However, the risk will grow as the player levels up since each next level will contain fewer green balls. On the other hand, the golden ball can also be drawn, and the probability of getting it rises at higher levels.

Cash or Crash Strategies and Tips

Like any lottery, Cash or Crash is a game of pure chance. When trying to evaluate the live show’s winning odds, one can compare it with a high-volatility slot machine. That is, players can expect frequent prizes of a smaller size, while huge wins will occur rarely enough in the game.

Can there be any winning strategy for the live show? Well, there are plenty of them. Here’s the list of the most popular ones:

  • Grab & Run strategy;
  • Take Half strategy;
  • Golden Ball strategy;
  • Blimp strategy;
  • Level 3 strategy;
  • Evolution strategy.

In the Grab & Run strategy, a player places a massive bet and quits the Cash or Crash game in Level 1. Surely, a green ball is needed, and the multiplier is only 1.2x here. However, winning chances are truly high at this stage, and it can be repeated as many times as you wish.

When using the Take Half strategy, a player bets half their winnings each time they get a green ball. This approach is great when combined with the Golden Ball strategy, in which taking the golden ball early is necessary.

The Blimp strategy is based on the ball machine itself. It shows the approximate chances of getting a red or a green ball. Using this info, a player makes their decision to continue playing or quit the live show.

The Level 3 strategy recommends grabbing money and leaving the game as soon as Level 3 is obtained. When following the Cash or Crash strategy from Evolution Gaming, a player should quit the show after they achieve Level 9.


What is the RTP for Cash or Crash?

The live show has a record-high RTP of 99.59%.

What is the Maximum Payout?

The highest win possible in the Cash or Crash live game is 50,000x a stake.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Bets?

Gamblers can stake as little as 20 cents, while the highest bet possible in the live show is €10,000.

What is the House Edge?

The house keeps 0.41% of all bets placed in the Cash or Crash game.

1 thought on “Cash or Crash Game”

  1. I adore the thrilling evolution in the world of online gaming, brought to us by Evolution Gaming. This exhilarating game, housed within the cash or crash paytable, offers me a unique and fast-paced experience that keeps me on the edge of my seat.
    At its core, the slot combines elements of luck, strategy, and excitement, making it a must-try for any gaming enthusiast. The game’s objective is simple yet captivating: players place bets on a multiplier, and a virtual airplane takes off, ascending rapidly. According to my observations, the excitement builds as the multiplier climbs higher and higher, and players must decide whether to “cash out” their bet or risk waiting for an even bigger multiplier – but with the looming possibility of a crash.
    The meticulous focus on particulars is readily apparent through the mesmerizing visuals and captivating audio effects that together establish a fully immersive ambiance. The interface is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and intuitiveness, catering to both experienced players and newcomers. The real-time animations of the airplane’s ascent create a genuine sense of anticipation and suspense, contributing to the addictive nature of the game.
    The game’s strategic component adds an extra layer of depth to the experience. Knowing when to cash out and secure your winnings or take the gamble for potentially larger rewards is a decision that keeps players constantly engaged.

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